We are receiving calls in regards to air purifiers. We would like to explain the two basic types. First are UV lights. The advantage is the initial cost is less. The disadvantage is the need to replace the bulb each year to keep full efficiency.  Second is a cold plasma air purifier. The advantage is there are NO bulbs to replace and no maintenance. The disadvantage is the initial cost. You can see links to both of these devices on our products and services page


We would like to let everyone know we are still here and still providing emergency services to whomever needs a furnace repair, water heater repair or air conditioner repair.
 We also can replace any defective units.
Like all of you, we are ready to get back to normal. We hope that will be here soon. But while we are waiting, if you have a problem with your unit, please give us a call. We are here for you.


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